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Keith Boyfield is an economist who consults on the liberalisation and regulation of markets in the UK and elsewhere around the world. His reports are often commissioned as lobbying tools by think tanks and industry fronts.

Dr Jon Bird, Director of External Affairs at Northern Electric, said of a report by Boyfield for European Policy Forum, "this study by Keith Boyfield made a real and noticeable impact on government policy making".

In 2002, Boyfield co-authored a libertarian manifesto with Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute, called Around the World in 80 Ideas. Idea 58 proposed the formation of a Taxpayer Association to campaign for lower taxation. Boyfield is now on the advisory council of the Taxpayers Alliance, formed at the start of 2004.

Boyfield is a regular contributor to the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal and is a columnist for Acquisition Monthly.

He has written numerous studies for several think-tanks, including the European Policy Forum, the Centre for Policy Studies and the Adam Smith Institute. He is on the advisory council of the Tax Payers Alliance.

Clients of Boyfield (and his business, Keith Boyfield Associates) include a number of rightwing think tanks, such as:

Coporate clients include:

  • Mid American Energy Holdings
  • BNFL plc
  • Seagram
  • Siemens
  • Aon
  • J P Morgan


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