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Kelly Sund is listed on-line as an American public health science administrator, and also as the recipient of the United States Achievement Academy National award.??? For many years she was also the general factorum to George L Carlo with his many scams involving the tobacco industry, the chemical industry and later the cellphone industry.

Documents & Timeline

See her own profile entry in Prabook

1966 Oct 22 born in Northridge, California to Donald C. and Evelyn M. (Miller) Sund.

1985-1989 Member of the Big sister Big Brothers/Big Sisters organisation in Palo Alto, California, 1985-1989

1988 Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 1988.

1989 Master of Science in Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 1989.

1990-1992 Research associate Health & Environmental Sciences Group, Ltd., Washington. This is George Carlo's HESG manifestation which worked for the tobacco industry.

1990-1997 Counselor District of Columbia AIDS Information Line, Washington, 1990-1997

This may have been a legitimate charitable function, however George Carlo became involved in a massive fight with Louis Farakan over the rights to Immunex, a drug which was being used to treat AIDS. The details are not well known.

1991 Sund claims to be a speaker for the AIDS Education Speakers Bureau, Washington, 1991.

1992-1995Sund is now the Associate Director for Research at Carlo's HESG.

1992-1993 Sund also claims to be a member of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) and leader of the "communications working group."

The SRA was set up in 1981 by Robert "Bob" Cumming, (a geneticist) and in the 1990-95 period it had at few tobacco scientists involved at the top level: (Maxwell Layard, W Gary Flamm etc. John D Graham was President in 1994-95. [2]

The SRA's list of corporate “sustaining members” included Amoco, the Chemical Manufacturing Association, Chevron, DuPont, Exxon, Procter & Gamble and the “Sapphire Group,” an organization composed of chemical, cosmetic, food and health care interests.[3]

1994-1995 Sund also claims to simultaneously be the Director GLP-Laboratory. [4]

There is no site with this name, however GLP = "Good Laboratory Practice" which was a widely used standard for research laboratories -- and also the model for George Carlo's invention Good Epidemiology Practice (GEP) which he created and promoted for Philip Morris. It is difficult to imagine that this was just a coincidence.
Sund's work with Carlo's Wireless Technology Research scam for the CTIA coincided with the GLP-Laboratory directorship. The GLP-Laboratory must have been a previously unknown Carlo operation.

1994-1995 Science outreach coordinator for Wireless Technology Research, Washington. This was Carlo's $28.5 million propaganda operation, which involved no actual research, for the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA)

1994 Oct The Landsdown Conference (the early attempt at establishing a Good Epidemiology Practice (GEP) standard, was held in the Landsowne Conference Center the USA in October 1994 with 19 participants. It was theoretically organised by (and had considerable input from) George Carlo's associates, Thorne Auchter and James Tozzi via their jazz-think-tank Federal Focus [5]

This was a trial run with a mixed group of both well-paid tobacco helpers and a couple of probably-honest scientists who were needed to lend their prestige to the undertaking. Some also came from the chemical industry.

1995 The proceedings of the so-called "Landsdown Conference" were published by John D Graham of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis as The Role of Epidemiology in Regulatory Risk Assessment, (J . Graham ed ., Elsevier Science B .V. 1995).

1995-1997 Sund is now the Director of Research GLP-Laboratory (even though this partly overlaps the WTR work)

1995 - In addition to the "GLP-Laboratory" research, her biography lists her as an "Occupational, environmental health teacher George Washington University, Washington, since 1995." She also adds that she was a "Presenter in field" (whatever that means)

1995 Oct Carlo, Sund, Auchter, Tozzi and Graham now run the London Conference, the second attempt to float a GEP standard for Philip Morris.

1996-1997 Sund says she is an "ongoing surveillance coordinator" for the WTR. This coincides with her teaching job at George Washington Uni. (must be occasional lecturing, at best)

1996 Aug Thorne Auchter and James Tozzi have finally got around to releasing a draft GEP document. It is titled

Recommendations for Implementing the "London Principles" and for Risk Assessment Guidance"

It makes no mention of George Carlo, or of any tobacco company ... nor does it use the term Good Epidemiology Practice (GEP).