Koch in Wisconsin--Beck Style

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Koch in Wisconsin--Beck Style

Koch → ALEC: Koch Industries has been on ALEC's governing Private Enterprise Board for many years. Koch funds ALEC, both through the membership dues and sponsorship fees paid by Koch Industries, and through direct contributions from Koch family foundations.

ALEC → Wisconsin Legislature: At least 49 current Wisconsin legislators are known ALEC members, and approximately 32 bills or budget provisions reflecting ALEC model legislation were introduced in Wisconsin's 2011-2012 legislative session. Through its "scholarship fund," ALEC corporations provide funding for Wisconsin legislators to attend ALEC conferences, often at swank resorts.

Koch → Americans for Prosperity: Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a right-wing astroturf group founded and funded by David Koch, who actively serves as chairman of AFP's board.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP)→ Wisconsin Legislature: AFP has helped Wisconsin Senators facing recall in 2011 and 2012 through six figure ad buys, rallies, and direct mailings, and was accused of trying to suppress the Democratic vote.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP)→ MacIver Institute, Governor Scott Walker: AFP has teamed up with the MacIver Institute to produce a multi-million dollar campaign called "It's Working!" -- a series of ads and townhall meetings asserting that Governor Scott Walker’s severe cuts to education and his dramatic repeal of the rights of public workers are “working,” in advance of Walker’s June 2012 recall election campaign.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) → ALEC: AFP is a member and funder of ALEC.

Koch → Republican Governors Association (RGA): David Koch has given two $1 million donations to the RGA in the last two years. The RGA spent millions to help Walker get elected in 2010, and is spending millions more to support him in the June 2012 recall election.

Republican Governors Association (RGA) → Governor Scott Walker: RGA, using its "Right Directions" political action committee, is spending millions on ads in favor of Walker in the June 2012 recall election. The RGA also spent millions to help get Walker elected in 2010. Walker sits on the RGA executive committee.

Koch → State Policy Network (SPN): The Claude R. Lambe Foundation, a Koch family foundation, has funded SPN. SPN is an ALEC member, sponsor, and exhibitor.

State Policy Network (SPN) → The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy: The MacIver Institute is a member of SPN.

State Policy Network (SPN) → Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity/Wisconsin Reporter: The Franklin Center is an SPN member.

Franklin Center Government & Public Integrity /Wisconsin Reporter → MacIver Institute: The MacIver Institute hosts "investigative reporters" from the Franklin Center. The Franklin Center also financially sponsors ALEC meetings.

Koch → Governor Scott Walker: KochPAC was one of Walker's top donors in the 2010 elections, giving the maximum $43,000 to his campaign. The Kochs also indirectly supported Walker via contributions to the Republican Governor's Association, which spent millions on ads to help Walker get elected. As Walker's opponents began gathering signatures for his recall in November 2011, the Koch-founded-and-funded Americans for Prosperity began running ads touting the "successes" of Walker's reforms. In February 2012, David Koch was asked about his support for Walker. "We're helping him, as we should," Koch said. "We've spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We're going to spend more." The AFP ad campaign has reportedly cost at least $2.9 million. David Koch gave another $1 million contribution to the RGA in 2012. Additionally, Walker has received at least $1.3 million in recall campaign contributions from donors who attended secretive right-wing fundraisers organized by Charles and David Koch.