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Professor Kurt Schock,Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Affairs, "is currently researching land reform and land rights movements in the global south. He is examining how civil resistance is being used to prevent land alienation and promote a more equitable distribution of land and resources. More broadly his research seeks to understand how methods of nonviolent action and 'people power' movements are able to successfully challenge state domination and economic exploitation." [1]

Selected Publications

  • Kurt Schock, 2008. "People Power and Alternative Politics." Pp. 186-207 in Politics in the Developing World (2nd edition), edited by Peter Burnell and Vicky Randall. London: Oxford University Press.
  • Kurt Schock, 2007. “Insurreciones No Armadas y Democratización.” Pp. 47-63 in Poder Social: Algunas Posibilidades en Colombia, edited by Freddy Cante. Bogotá, Colombia: Editorial Universidad del Rosario.
  • Kurt Schock, 2006. “Defending and Reclaiming the Commons through Nonviolent Struggle.” In Nonviolent Alternatives for Social Change, edited by Ralph Summy. In the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. Oxford: Eolss Publishers.
  • Kurt Schock, 2005. Unarmed Insurrections: People Power Movements in Nondemocracies. Minneapolis and London: University of Minnesota Press. - Awarded Best Book of the Year (co-winner) by the Comparative Democratization Section of the American Political Science Association.
  • J. Craig Jenkins, and Kurt Schock. 1992. "Global Structures and Political Processes in the Study of Domestic Political Conflict". Annual Review of Sociology 18: 161-185.

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