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Labor Institute of Public Affairs (LIPA) was created by Lane Kirkland at the AFL-CIO in 1982 "to get the union message out to the public through the mass media." [1] One of LIPA's first campaigns was the famous “Union Yes” campaign." [1]

Former Workers

  • Larry Kirkman was a founding director of LIPA. Prior to joining the Benton Foundation, Kirkman was executive director of the AFL-CIO’s Labor Institute of Public Affairs. [2]
  • Rich Foster "served as deputy director and later director of the Labor Institute of Public Affairs." [3]
  • Nick DeMartino "held a number of positions in advertising and marketing. He held a number of positions at the AFL-CIO Labor Institute of Public Affairs, including Director of Marketing and Distribution and Acting Director." [4]
  • David Weiner was "the original director of production for the AFL-CIO's Labor Institute of Public Affairs." [5]
  • In 1985 Carol Keegan was a Research Director for LIPA. [6]
  • Charles H. Pillard - Former Board member [2]

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