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Lailai Iskandar Kamel "is a community development consultant and trainer who has extensive experience in working with government agencies, the private sector and NG projects and programs in the Middle East. These have encompassed the fields of gender, education and development, environmental projects, child labor programs and governance issues. She was a consultant to the Minister of Environment on solid waste management issues in Egypt. She is also a researcher and social development consultant to a variety of international agencies and works on both grass roots issues and policy matters. Community and Institutional Development was awarded the Schwab Social Entrepreneurship prize for the Arab Region at the World Economic Forum in May of 2006O’s. Her 25 years’ experience is reflected in her research work and publications. She has designed and implemented numerous projects which have involved a large network of stakeholders on the national and international levels. Her experience in institutional building, network creation, institution of public-private partnerships, and technology transfer encompasses the field of non-formal education, primary health care, community environmental issues, crafts, literacy, gender, etc . She is an international speaker and consultant to international development agencies and has served as a jury to UNESCO’s International Literacy Prize and is Unesco’s UNLD Resource Person for the Arab region (2005-2007)." [1]

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