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The Land Warfare Studies Centre (LWSC) is the Australian Army's principal conceptual research institution 'think tank'. The LWSC supports the Chief of Army, Army Headquarters and the Army as a whole through a range of research, publication, conference and Visiting Fellow programs.

"The functional, professional and intellectual independence of the LWSC is critical to the quality of support provided and the public reputation of the Centre. The LWSC is, therefore, an independent unit under command of the Chief of Army and operates under a Charter that specifies the Centre's role, vision and key functions.

"The LWSC is located in Canberra to facilitate research, maximise interaction with wider strategic and defence studies circles, and best contribute to the community defence debate." [1]

People [2]

Publishing Support Group

Research and Liaison Group - Outposted from LWSC

  • LTCOL Mark O'Neill Visiting Military Fellow (Lowy Institute for International Policy)
  • LTCOL Nick Rowntree Visiting Military Fellow (Australian Institute of Police Management)



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