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Larry Cox served as Amnesty International USA' Executive Director between May 1, 2006 and 2011.

"Larry replaced Bill Schulz, who has stepped down after 12 years of distinguished service...

"Larry served as Senior Program Officer for the Ford Foundation’s Human Rights unit. His work was focused on international justice; advancing economic, social and cultural rights; and human rights in the United States. Prior to his role with the Ford Foundation, for five years Larry was Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation, an international organization that works with indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon to protect their land and rights.

"Larry is well-known not only in the human rights community but also in the offices of both AIUSA and the International Secretariat, Amnesty’s international headquarters in London, England. For 14 years he held a number of positions, including Communications Director, Director of the Program Against the Death Penalty, and Deputy Director of AIUSA. He also served for five years as Deputy Secretary General of the International Secretariat in London." [1]


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