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Leaders for Families Super Pac Inc sprang up in the waning days of the 2012 Republican campaign in Iowa. They spent $107,000 dollars to the campaign of Rick Santorum [1] for advertising which in part aided his meteoric 20.1% rise in the voting of the Caucuses from his poll of polls numbers just the day prior. Santorum had lagged fifth at 4.2% of polled GOP voters, but finished second with 24.5% of the vote, just eight ballots away from the winner, Mitt Romney.

Charles Hurley is listed as the treasurer of the organization. Chuck Hurley is the president of the Iowa Family Policy Center, the education arm of The Family Leader a Right-wing conservative organization which espouses anti-homosexual messaging as part of its opposition to Iowa's same sex marriage law and a mission of "reversing the breakdown of a productive, ordered society caused by the failure of families to produce God-fearing church, civic, social, and family leaders." [2] The Family Leader is associated with James Dobson's Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.[3]

In a letter to the FEC from its legal counsel, The Bopp Law Firm of Terre Haute, Indiana, the "Leaders for Families Super PAC, Inc. was formed on December 21, 2011. On December 22, 2011, the Committee disseminated an autodial call featuring express advocacy of a federal candidate costing $5,447.25. On December 23, 2011, the Committee also placed a buy for a radio ad to be broadcast starting December 27, 2011, featuring express advocacy of a federal candidate, which will cost $8,945.00. These communications were and will be publicized in Iowa and refer to the presidential caucus there, which takes place on January 3, 2011. Therefore, the group triggered politica) committee status on December 22,2011, 11 CFR § 100.5(a) and has ten days to file its statement of organization (Fonn 1) with the Commission." [4] The additional report needed to be filed by January 2nd, 2012, but it was a federal holiday so it will take several days for the filing to appear on the FEC website.

Funding Sources



Legal Counsel

James Bopp, Jr. is the legal counsel for Leaders for Families Super Pac, Inc. Bopp was a driving force behind the Citizens United decision, and is a major player in the push to keep meaningful campaign finance reform at bay.

The BOPP Law Firm
Attorneys at Law
The National Building
1 South Sixth Street
TERRE HAUTE, IN 47807-3510


The address for the PAC is the Bopp Law Firm, which represents it.


Research Sources

The Sunlight Foundation has [ http://reporting.sunlightfoundation.com/outside-spending/letters/C00508317%7Cdocuments] on their filings. The Federal Election Commission tracks this organization with filed reports [5]


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