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Let Freedom Ring is a new, conservative "grassroots" 501c4 group set up by a one million dollar from Dr. Jack Templeton, son of John Templeton, Jr., an influencial money changer who created a prize for innovation in religion and science.[1]. The principles behind the new organization begin with not participating in "negative personal or partisan political attacks", as stated by the group's president, Colin Hanna. "We want to reach out to patriotic, especially people of faith, and encourage them not to let mud-slinging by the left turn them off to our political process." [2]

LFR has other projects to get them started. One is a documentary about the faith of George W. Bush, Sen. Rick Santorum and Sen. Zell Miller. Hanna believes this will help get a vote out of the four million evangelical Christians who did not vote in 2000, apparently due to disillusionment. This upcoming movie could change that.

They are also looking to organize a thousand volunteers to get out the vote in the following states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They "also want to build coaltions of existing organizations whose membership is likely to encompass some of the values that we have." Perhaps this will give them the grassroots title they already claim.

They are also having a contest like MoveOn.org did as a search for the best commercials. However they will not "be simply a conservative version of Moveon.org and The Media Fund.[3]

Although Colin uses the words "we" and "us" quite a bit, who exactly "we" and "us" are is not expanded on. On The Washington Journal, July 5, 2004, Colin was able to get himself a half hour spot of time to talk to America about who they were.

Their website has the Statue of Liberty, the Constitution, the Liberty Bell, Flag and Sunsets invoking a pure feeling of America. The points they claim they are devoted to promoting are:

  • Constitutional Government
  • Economic Freedom
  • Traditional Values


Let Freedom Ring
603 Fairway Drive
West Chester, PA 19382