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Lewis Maltby

Lewis Maltby was the Philip Morris tobacco company's primary contact within the American Civil Liberties Union. PM funded the ACLU to help push back against employers who decided not to hire smokers because of the additional expenses smokers entail in medical costs, absenteeism, cleaning costs, etc. Maltby served as director of the ACLUs Workplace Rights Project. In October of 1992 Maltby traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark -- at the expense of the Tobacco Institute -- to address a conference on smoking restrictions sponsored by three Scandinavian smokers rights groups, of the type thar were typically backed financially by the tobacco industry. In his speech, Maltby asserted that "many of the claims made about the health effects of smoking are exaggerated." In December of 1992, Maltby requested $21, 750 from Philip Morris on behalf of the Michigan ACLU affiliate to keep that office's smokers' rights lobbying efforts going. In June of that same year Philip Morris donated $25,000 to do the same in Vermont. In 1991, the North Carolina Civil Liberties Union would have ended their fiscal year with up $30, 000 in debt if not for the financial support of R.J. Reynolds. [1]

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