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Loret Miller Ruppe "was appointed Director of the U.S. Peace Corps in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan. She was a resident of Bethesda, Maryland, and wife of former U.S. Congressman Phil Ruppe of Michigan.

"At the time of her appointment, the future of the Peace Corps was uncertain with a reduced budget, lagging recruitment, and some doubt as to its effectiveness. Loret was determined to rejuvenate the Peace Corps and refocus it as an effective volunteer organization for human development.

"She convinced the Administration and a bipartisan coalition of Congress to make Peace Corps an independent agency and to increase its funding. As a result of her inspirational leadership during her eight years as its Director, the Peace Corps increased volunteer enrollment by 20 percent while new volunteer programs were also initiated in countries around the globe.

"Her eight years of advancing the interests of United States foreign policy through her outstanding reinvigoration of the peace Corps was honored by President George Bush who named Loret Miller Ruppe as the Ambassador to Norway, one of our Nation's staunchest allies. King Harold of Norway presented her with that nation's highest diplomatic honor: the "Grand Cross of the Legion Merit."

"When Loret passed away on August 7, 1996, she was held in high honor as an individual who epitomized the honorable nature of public service to the nation. She was a proud and loving mother of five daughters and three grandchildren." [1]

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