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Luther Pendragon is a London-based crisis communication company which is the European affiliate of Nichols-Dezenhall.

According to the Nichols-Dezenhall website, Nichols-Dezenhall "helps manage Luther Pendragon's clients in the U.S., while Luther Pendragon helps Nichols-Dezenhall battle crises in Europe. The affiliation also gives Nichols Dezenhall access to top-flight resources in Germany and Belgium".[1]

In September 2005, PR Week reported that "managing partner Simon Whale and partners Gina Coladangelo, Daniel Guthrie and Amy Kroviak have joined forces to take control from founders George Pitcher and Charles Stewart Smith. The pair started Luther in 1991 and between them own 75 per cent."[1]

Pro-Nuke Activity

From August 2005, the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) has retained Luther Pendragon "to advise on communication issues arising from the third phase of the Committee's public and stakeholder engagement process".

According to CoRWM, "Luther Pendragon has been retained to support the process of consultation which will inform CoRWM's final recommendations, due to be presented to government in 2006. The Luther team will comprise: Adam Lewis, Ben Rich, Mike Granatt, Susie Winter and Aideen Lee. <refname="CoRWM">CoRWM, Luther Pendragon to advise CoRWM, Press Release, July 28, 2005.</ref>

For more details see the CoRWM page.

Luther Sub-Contracted to AMEC NNC Not CoRWM

When NuclearSpin sent in an FOI request for all correspondence between CoRWM and its PR company, Luther Pendragon, Defra officials discussed whether the information could be released. See CoRWM section for more details. Initially the officials believed the infroamtion could not be released as "our Media Advisors .. are a private sub-contracted company, and any communication/s they hold with CoRWM Members that does not channel via the secretariat (Defra) is held as confidential – between two private parties." [2] [3]

Here was an admission that CoRWM’s PR company was not contracted to CoRWM but to AMEC NNC, a nuclear company. Also look at the CoRWM section to see how it was up to AMEC NNC and Luther as to what information was released rather than Defra officials.

FOI Request? - That Will be £200 An Hour Please

When Luther Pendragon was finally asked to provide details of correspondence between the PR company and CoRWM as part of the FOI request, Adam Lewis from Luther replied:

"We estimate that it will take a consultant around 7 hours in total. As per the contract this time is charged at £200 per hour bringing it to a total of £1400."

On receiving this, Adam Scott from CoRWM wrote to a colleague that:

"this is ridiculously expensive, please can you check urgently with defra FOI people whether we have to spend this kind of money as a result of their 'advice.'"

In the end, sources from CoRWM have told NuclearSpin that the money was not paid.<refname="CoRWM"/>




  • Charles Stewart-Smith;
  • Sue Youngman

Associate Partners

  • Jonathan McShane
  • Susannah Winter

Senior Consultants

  • Meg Baker
  • Ben Frankel
  • Rebecca Hewitt
  • Adam Lewis
  • Beany McLean


  • Alex Burnett
  • Clare Haines
  • Bridget Hargreave
  • Rachael Hedley
  • Aideen Lee
  • Victoria Moore
  • Serena Nicholls
  • Jonathan Oates
  • Sarah Crack
  • Noor Yafai


From the Luther Pendragon website:

Contact details

Luther Pendragon
Priory Court
Pilgrim Street
London EC4V 6DR
Phone: +44 (0)20 7618 9100
Fax: +44 (0)20 7329 7301



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