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Mahmoud Labadi (Foreign Relations Commission, Palestinian Authority)

"Formerly the Spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Editor-in-Chief of “Palestine Bulletin” a PLO Bi-weekly in Lebanon, Mr. Labadi is a distinguished writer and journalist. After his return to the West Bank in 1995, Mr. Labadi worked for the Palestinian Authority as Director General in the Ministry of Economy and trade in Ramallah. He held the post of “Director General” of the Palestinian Legislative Council until 2005 and was a candidate for the Palestinian Legislative Election in January 2006. The author of several books, including three about the media, a novel in Arabic, and a personal account about the war in Lebanon, Mr. Labadi previously wrote for the Palestine Times Daily. He now works for the Foreign Relations Commission of the Palestinian Authority. Mr. Labadi holds a MA in Economics and did his studies in Bonn and Leipzig in Germany. Mr. Labadi speaks fluent Arabic, English, French, German and some Hebrew." [1]

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