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Biographical Information

"Marco joined Teal Group in March 1990. Previously, he was a market analyst for Jane's Information Group of the UK. As editor of both the Jane's DMS Defense & Aerospace Agencies and DMS Electronic Systems publications, Marco analyzed and wrote about the R&D and procurement activities within the defense- and aerospace-related agencies of the federal government, with a focus on the markets for major electronic warfare (EW) subsystems. Additionally, Marco edited Jane's DMS Budget Intelligence newsletter--a weekly covering defense budget news.

"During 1982-1988, Marco served on the personal staff of US Senator Pete Domenici's (R-NM), covering a range of issues, including defense, trade, and foreign affairs as both a legislative correspondent and legislative aide. He was part of Senator Domenici's team which drafted and passed legislation creating the Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Research Initiative or "Sematech", designed to strengthen the international competitive position of the US semiconductor industry.

"At Teal, he has edited the Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing service, and is now the lead analyst on the World Space Systems Briefing, which he created in 1992. He also directs all special studies involving the space market. He has performed major market studies for a variety of industry clients, including ATK, Boeing, EADS, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and NASA.

"Regularly cited by both the trade and popular press for his space market forecasts, Marco is a contributor to a number of aerospace magazines. Since 1996, he has written the satellite and launch vehicle outlooks and spec tables for Aviation Week & Space Technology Source Book edition. For Aerospace America, he writes a bi-monthly column called"Industry Insights", focusing on space market trends. Marco has been interviewed for television and radio programs by ABC News, the BCC, CNBC, CNN, Cox Broadcasting, and NPR.

"Marco is a regular speaker at industry conferences, including the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' (AIAA) Global Air & Space Conference, the American Institute of Engineers' Military Space Opportunities Conference, the Institute for International Research's Space & Satellite Finance Conference, and AIAA/Teal Group's Aerospace Markets, the Decade Ahead. He has provided market briefings for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Center for Global Security Research, the President's Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond, the US Industrial War College, and the US Reconnaissance Office. Marco is a graduate of the University of Richmond, VA."[1]

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