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"Marion joined Mannatech in October 1994. She had been teaching her own personal development seminars prior to Mannatech and now uses all those skills in supporting her team and others. They call their organisation the Dream Team and their weekly calls have been available to everyone since 1995.

"Marion visited Australia in the 90s and attended the first ever National Event in Sydney. She also taught her Breaking Through Your Abundance Barriers training in Australia at that time – which is her training to assist the release of limiting beliefs. Marion introduced QuantumThink to Mannatech in 2011 and successfully supported many groups of associates in self-empowerment. The QuantumThink work is based on Dianne Collins book, ‘Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking that will Rock Your World’. It involves shifting our thinking to make our lives and businesses flow with greater possibilities and ease.

"Marion is a founding North American Associate Advisory Council member and in 2012 was awarded the Giving Spirit Award. Marion has been instrumental in the success of the Nth American Women of Worth (WOW) monthly conference calls and gatherings at major events. Marion is grateful every day for being a part of Mannatech and she especially loves the Give for Real program for feeding malnourished children."[1]

"1980 Marion co-founded the Center for Creative Alternatives in Denver, CO where she taught personal empowerment classes, meditation and led self-healing groups.

"1986 She led thirteen teams of people in a Resonating Core process to create the Denver World Healing Meditation with 8,000 people at 5 am on 12/31/86. She worked with teams around the world in conjunction with this event and co-founded a non-profit, Global Family that same year.

"1987 She co-created communications and networked globally for another International event in August 1987. The facilitation and design of International Peace conferences followed, including: The Soviet American Citizen Summit in Washington, DC; The Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders in Oxford, England and Seeking the True Meaning of Peace Conferences in San Jose, Costa Rica through the University for Peace.

"1994 She and her partner Louis Kunz founded Conscious Living LLC - an international, multi-million dollar business in the field of Wellness and Social Entrepreneurship. They continue to enjoy this work and have supported thousands of individuals in improving their quality of life both physically and financially, while also feeding malnourished children around the world."

  • Platinum Presidential, Mannatech - Dates Employed 1994 – 2011 Employment Duration 17 yrs [1]

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