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Mark C. Seavey, an Assistant Director of the National Legislative Commission of the American Legion [1], is a co-founder of Vets for Freedom (VFF), an organization that contests and condemns the views of Democratic Congressman John P. Murtha, who is calling for the United States to pull troops from Iraq.

Seavey, who claims that he "and many other veterans" support the war in Iraq, "actually never served in Iraq at all. Sergeant Seavey is an Afghanistan Veteran, that is not only involved with the Veterans For Freedom, a notorious right-wing swiftboating organization, but also is on the payroll of the American Legion, a Veteran Service Organization who has supported the Iraq War openly." [2]

In January 2006, Seavey posted on PoliPundit that he is "in Law School" and a "full time federal lobbyist for a veterans organization." [3] In 2003, Seavey was listed as a lobbyist for the American Legion by the Center for Public Integrity. [4]


According to his Vets for Freedom profile, Seavey is "a former Army Sergeant and graduate of The Citadel. He recently returned from Afghanistan where he served with the Third Battalion, 116 Infantry, based in Woodstock, Virginia. He works for a veterans' organization in Washington and lives in Alexandria, Virginia."

  • Note: Co B 3d Bn 116th Inf of the Virginia National Guard is located in Woodstock, VA. [5]

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Note: Co C 3d Bn 116th Inf of the Virginia National Guard is located in Leesburg, VA. [6]

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