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Mary Matalin is a Republican strategist and chief editor of Simon & Schuster's Threshold Editions imprint.[1] She previously served as lead campaign publicist for undeclared Republican 2008 presidential candidate Fred Thompson.

Matalin is also a member of Scooter Libby's Legal Defense Trust Advisory Board.[2]

Troop surge in Iraq

On July 9, 2007, in "a packed house including Vice Presidential daughter Liz Cheney and former VP aide Mary Matalin, Iraq surge godfathers Frederick Kagan and Gen. Jack Keane faced off against a proponent of a phased withdrawal from Iraq at a discussion at the American Enterprise Institute."[3]


Matalin "formerly served as assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney, and was the first White House official to hold a double title."[4]

Prior to joining the Bush/Cheney White House, Matalin hosted a number of talk shows, including "CNN's critically acclaimed debate show, 'Crossfire',... [and founded and co-hosted] the Washington-based political weeknight talk show, 'Equal Time', which premiered in May 1993 on CNBC ... until shortly after the 1996 national political conventions."[5]

Matalin served with the Republican National Committee following college, then attended Hofstra Law School, returning to the RNC in 1984, where she served as "national voter contact director" for the Reagan-Bush campaign. She held "senior positions in the George H.W. Bush 1988 campaign and, upon President Bush's election, was appointed chief of staff for the RNC."[6]

"Matalin also co-authored the best-selling political campaign book All's Fair: Love, War and Running for President with her husband, James Carville, who was the chief campaign strategist for Clinton/Gore in 1992."[7]

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