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"Matthew Raphael Johnson is a scholar of Russian Orthodox history and philosophy. He completed his doctorate at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 1999 as a recipient of the Sennen, as well as the Clare and Marguerite MacPhee Fellowships, focusing on anti-modernist social philosophy. His dissertation details Michael Oakeshott’s critique of Positivism. He is a former professor of both history and political science at the University of Nebraska (as a graduate student), Penn State University and Mount St. Mary’s University. Since 1999, he has been the editor (and is presently Senior Researcher) at The Barnes Review...

"Dr. Johnson is the author of seven books which include four from Hromada Books: Sobornosti: Essays on the Old Faith; Heavenly Serbia and the Medieval Idea; Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality: Lectures on Medieval Russia; The Ancient Orthodox Tradition in Russian Literature and The Foreign Policy of Mass Society: The Failure of Western Engagement in the Middle East. And two published by The Barnes Review, The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy; ; and Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin." [1]

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