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Michael Curtotti is a senior lawyer for the Australian National University (ANU), as well as Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Council of Australia.[1]


"Michael Curtotti has more than 18 years experience as a lawyer, representative and policy adviser in government, private practice, and the university and community sectors.

He was founder of Synergy Legal[2]; "a boutique law firm providing legal services to the business community and public entities. Synergy Legal's service and solutions portfolio focuses on intellectual property commercialisation, information technology law and general business legal services.

Prior to establishing Synergy Legal, Michael was the Associate Legal Counsel, University of Western Sydney, a public company with an annual budget of over $330 million, and his experience includes work on multimillion dollar transactions including an anticancer compound commercialisation deal, major IT procurement involving 13 universities and major print services procurement based on the Commonwealth government GITC framework.His commercialisation experience includes work in the horticultural, biotechnology, building and food industry sectors across a range of transaction types and strategies including spin outs, licensing and assignment.He has wide contracting and advisory experience and has also worked in the international segment of the University sector, providing legal advice, drafting and representation for a number of international partnership arrangements and issues in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Prior to working in the commercialisation and university sector, Michael worked in the human rights sector as the government relations officer of the Australian Baha'i Community [3] (see Baha'i Faith). He also worked for eight years in government, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (multilateral and treaties area) where he represented the Australian government at a number of environment related intergovernmental meetings and the Department of Defence, where he was a legal officer in the Royal Australian Navy including as Assistant Director - International and Operations Law and Assistant Director - Administrative Law [4]."

Michael Curtotti also currently acts as the representative of the Baha'i Faith on the chaplaincy team of the Australian National University. [5] He is also a Vice-President (representing the ACT), of the United Nations Association of Australia.[6]

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