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Michael Marshall is the Editor In Chief of United Press International, a wire service owned by News World Communications, a company owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon

According to a biogrpahical note on the UPI website, Marshall, is also Executive Editor of The World and I since 1986 and is also Executive Director of the World Media Association, "an international organization that provides a forum for media professionals and opinion leaders dedicated to advancing the highest standards of journalistic ethics."

Marshall is also Secretary-General of the Literary Federation of World Peace, "an international association of authors and poets," his biographical note states.

Marshall started out as editor of The London Rising Tide, which is described as a "bi-weekly publication of social and political commentary", and The New Tomorrow, "a monthly general interest magazine".

In the transcript of a a speech by Moon at a Unification Church sponsored "Workshop on Journalism and Media", it was made clear to Marshall that he was expected to follow his wishes.

Moon: "Are you with World and I? Can you follow what I'm saying, do what I'm saying, the contents? For how long? Marshall: I will commit to follow forever. Moon: Forever, for life. Great. [1]

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