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Michele Payn-Knoper is the founder of Cause Matters Corp., a PR firm specializing in agriculture.[1] She is a Certified Speaking Professional and works to "champion" agriculture. In her bio, she says:[2] "I have the privilege of working with an array of people across the agrifood system. This interaction gives me firsthand knowledge of the overwhelming amount of misinformation working against the science, business, and technology of feeding the world. The clients I work with provide insight on how misinformation has impacted their part of the agrifood business and many colleagues send links with yet another detractor on a daily basis... I don’t care if you raise 5000 acres of beans, own a feedlot, milk 100 cows, work for an ag input supplier, or farm small acreage – I simply care that you stand up and champion agriculture!"

Payn-Knoper identifies the Humane Society of the United States, Farm Sanctuary, PETA, Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, Greenpeace, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as "anti-agriculture activist groups."[3]

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