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Mimi Kim "is a second-generation Korean woman committed to the safety and integrity of women through her work against domestic violence, racism, and imperialism. Mimi worked at Asian Women's Shelter in San Francisco from 1991 to 2001, most recently as Project Coordinator of the Multilingual Access Model Program. She is co-founder of Shimtuh: Korean Domestic Violence Program of the Korean Community Center of the East Bay in Oakland.

"Mimi currently serves on the National Steering Committee of the Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence. She is also a founding member of Incite! Women of Color against Violence where she served on the National Coordinating Committee from 2000 to 2004. Mimi is author of The Community Engagement Continuum: Outreach, Mobilization, Organizing, and Accountability to Address Violence Against Women in the Asian and Pacific Islander Communities (San Francisco: Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence, 2004) and Innovative Strategies to Address Domestic Violence in Asian and Pacific Islander Communities: Examining Themes, Models, and Interventions (San Francisco: Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence, 2002). Her other organizational affiliations include Korea Solidarity Committee and Jamaesori, a Korean women's drumming (pung'mul) group, both based in Oakland.

"Mimi is recipient of the 2004 Echoing Green Fellowship which supported the establishment of Creative Interventions." [1]

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