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"The Mind Body Awareness Project was founded in June of 2000 by Noah Levine and a group of his close friends. ...Meditation had a transformational effect on Noah, and after practicing it for over five years, he decided that he wanted to share the practice that had transformed his life with others. Noah, along with Isaiah Seret, Scott Diamond, Catherine Diamond, and Jonathan Raymond founded The MBA Project with this mission. We started our first few classes in Santa Cruz and we have expanded significantly. Noah is now a well-known meditation teacher who leads retreats nationally as well as leading groups in juvenile halls and prisons.

"In 2006, the MBA Project merged with its sister non-profit, Youth Horizons, founded by Andrew Getz and Soren Gordhammer (who later moved to NYC and founded the Lineage Project there)...

"In 2007 MBA merged with Vision Youthz, founded by Dr. Kyra Bobinet. Vision Youthz was largely an aftercare program, providing continuity-of-care to youth in San Francisco post-release. Youth were part of an internship program, and received case management as well as many supportive services, within a framework of inner awareness practices. Vision Youthz had developed an outdoor program, at Log Cabin Ranch, that made use of many nature-oriented awareness activities, rites of passage, and Council practice. There was a wealth of experience in the program from 10 years of exploration, and also a clear link to ceremony, sacred space, and Indigenous tracking practices. MBA today is the result of the merger of these three organizations, with a combined 23 years of experience serving at-risk youth through inner awareness practices."[1]


Accessed June 2013: [2]


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