Missionaries to the Preborn

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Missionaries to the Preborn (MTP) was a spin-off organization to Operation Rescue, described by Tom Burghardt as "one of the most dangerous and violent of the direct action anti-abortion groups active in the United States." [1]

After the founding in 1990 of MTP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the Rev. Matthew Trewhella, "four of Milwaukee's nine women's clinics [were] closed; primarily as a result of their relentless attacks." In 2002, the MTP "relocated their national office to San Bernadino county in California. [2]

"Matthew Trewhella, Joseph Foreman and Gary McCullough, the chief organizers of the group." At the time, they were "members of Howard Phillips' far-right, United States Taxpayers Party (USTP)" and Trewhella was "a member of the USTP's National Committee.

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