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According to the Federation of American Scientists[1] NSPD-8 (National Security Presidential Directive 8) is entitled "National Director and Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism." However, the text of the NSPD is not available in the public domain.

"In the George W. Bush Administration, the directives that are used to promulgate Presidential decisions on national security matters are designated National Security Presidential Directives (NSPDs)."
This "new category of directives replaces both the Presidential Decision Directives and the Presidential Review Directives of the previous Administration. Unless otherwise indicated, however, past Directives remain in effect until they are superseded.
"The first directive, dated 13 February 2001, was formally approved for release by the National Security Council staff on 13 March 2001.
"On October 29, 2001, President Bush issued the first of a new series of Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPDs) governing homeland security policy." [2]

In his first-ever Presidential Study Directive (PSD-1)[3], issued on 2/23/09, President Obama rescinded NSPD-8.