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Natela Jordan "has worked in the field of education since 1999. As Education Coordinator with the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) in Uzbekistan, she coordinated projects on interactive student-centered methodology, and worked with teachers and school administrators to make this methodology a part of schools’ culture. Natela was a local liaison for such international education programs as Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking, Street Law, and National Council on Economic Education projects. Inspired by the human rights aspect of her work, she graduated from the Central European University with an MA degree in Human Rights. She organized international human rights advocacy conferences and coordinated other international human rights education events in Budapest, Hungary. In 2004 she worked with Freedom House as a human rights trainer. In this capacity she provided training and advice to Uzbek human rights advocates on local and international human rights documents. Natela joined the Human Rights Resource Center in May 2006, and now works as Education Coordinator for This is My Home." [1]