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Nelson Bunker Hunt

"We are pleased to announce that Nelson Bunker Hunt of Texas will again serve as a member of the Council of The John Birch Society. Mr. Hunt was born in El Dorado, Arkansas. His family moved to Tyler, Texas, during his youth, and finally to Dallas. After graduating from the Hill School, Mr. Hunt attended the University of Texas prior to his service in the Navy during World War II. Like most veterans, he returned to school after discharge from the Navy, attending S.M.U. before going back into the oil business full time.

"Mr. Hunt worked with his father and brothers in the Hunt Energy Corporation and its various affiliates as an active participant in oil explorations and development programs. He also initiated his own personal oil and gas exploration and development projects, concentrating on overseas exploration.

"Over the past 50 years Bunker has continued his multifaceted worldwide operations, including cattle, thoroughbred horses, real estate, and a wide variety of other business ventures. He received the T.I. "Pop" Harkins award for outstanding service to the Texas Thoroughbred Association as well as being in the Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

"In 1951 Bunker married Caroline Lewis of Ruston, Louisiana. They are the parents of four married children and have 14 grandchildren (4 are married) and two great-grandchildren

"Bunker, his wife, and family have been active participants in many patriotic, cultural, civic, philanthropic, and religious organizations. He is past Chairman of the Board of the Texas Bible Society and the past Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Here's Life Campaign of the Campus Crusade for Christ International and funded the JESUS film. He is an Elder Emeritus of the Park Cities Presbyterian Church of Dallas.

"This is Mr. Hunt's second "tour of duty," on the JBS Council. He was originally invited to join this esteemed body by JBS Founder Robert Welch in 1976. Veteran members may recall his impressive speech at the Los Angeles Council Dinner in March 1982, entitled, "Without The J.B.S.?"" [1]

One of his sisters is Helen LaKelly Hunt.

Bunker was an early funder of the work of the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics.

Robert Engler writes that John B. Connally after "leaving his post as secretary of the treasury, he continued to advise the president on energy matters. Well-versed in manipulating the levers of power, he traveled the world in multiple capacities; he was on retainer from Armand Hammer (Occidental) and Bunk Nelson (son of H. L. Hunt), who held concessions in Libya jointly with British Petroleum, and who was on the board of Brown and Root..." [2]

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