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New Progressive Coalition was founded by entrepreneurs Andy and Deborah Rappaport. Building on their venture capital experience, the Rappaports first convened a group called the Band of Progressives in 2004, which met to assess new, cutting edge groups, especially those aiming to mobilize young people. Interestingly, the first meeting was a gathering to view Democracy Alliance founder Rob Stein’s PowerPoint presentation on how the Right had been successful in their funding strategies.

According to their website, NPC transforms donors into political investors. NPC acts as your personal advisor to help you navigate politics more effectively. Similar to a financial services firm, NPC provides you with products and services to target your political time and money more effectively. Whether you want to start out investing right or be more strategic in your current giving, NPC can help you make smarter decisions and improve the quality of your political and social engagement.

Contact Details

Phone: 415 593 7111

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