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Nicco Mele, webmaster for Howard Dean's 2004 campaign for the Democratic U.S. presidential nomination, is "among those who have committed to help" Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in his 2008 presidential campaign. [1]

Mele's internet strategy group EchoDitto "lists more than twenty major Democratic and liberal firms and candidates as clients." [2]

Mele previously worked as webmaster for Common Cause, the government-reform group, and IAVI, the International Aids Vaccine Initiative.

EchoDitto leave of absence

According to an August 25, 2006, message on the EchoDitto Blog posted by Harish Rao:

Nicco Mele's August 24, 2006, post "about his support for Senator John McCain has caused quite a lot of ruckus. We at EchoDitto disagree with his decision. While Nicco does not work for Senator McCain, his support for a possible McCain candidacy runs contrary to many of our core beliefs at EchoDitto.
"As a firm, EchoDitto is committed to progressive campaigns and organizations. We started in the political space and have been privileged to work with a lot of progressive candidates and campaigns as well as clients in the non-profit and corporate spaces. We're proud of the work we've done over the past three years with our partners, and we look forward to all the great work ahead.
"Everyone in this world has to follow their own heart. Nicco has agreed to, effective immediately, take a leave of absence from our company. We hope he takes some time to re-consider his position. I am assuming Nicco's responsibilities for the duration of his leave of absence."

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