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Nicholas Somerville was the Executive Director of the Kurdistan Development Corporation (KDC). A note posted to the KDC website stated that "On January 9th 2007 Mr Nicholas Somerville resigned from the Board of Kurdistan Development Corporation and any/all affiliates with immediate effect and no longer represents the Company in any way." [1]


After Somerville graduated from Oriel College Oxford, he "qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in London before specialising in Corporate Finance. He has spent over 30 years in the City with investment banks such as L. Messel (Lehman Brothers), Quilter Goodison & Co (Paribas) and latterly Beeson Gregory before working independently in the development and implementation of various corporate finance initiatives." [2]

Since 2002, Somerville worked with KDC Executive Director Christopher Hope "on a variety of corporate finance mandates in various sectors around Europe, Asia & US conducting mergers & acquisitions, private equity and initial public offerings." Somerville was "instrumental in the development of the Kurdistan Development Corporation into an investment holdings and promotions company," his archived KDC profile states. [3]

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