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Nicole Ball joined the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) "in December 2000 as Visiting Senior Research Fellow. In June 2001, Nicole Ball was also named Senior Fellow of the Center for International Policy in Washington, DC.

"Her main areas of work while at CIDCM will be security sector governance and assistance to conflict-affected countries. Her major project for 2001 involves collaborating with research and policy networks in West and Southern Africa to produce a security sector governance handbook for African policy makers, practitioners, and civil society. It is anticipated that this handbook will also be useful to external actors involved in strengthening security sector governance in Africa. The main partners in this project are the Centre for Democracy and Development (London and Lagos) and the Security Sector Transformation Program at the Institute for Security Studies (Pretoria).

"Prior to joining CIDCM, Nicole Ball was a Fellow at the Overseas Development Council in Washington, DC from August 1991 to its closure in December 2000. In that capacity, she oversaw a project on the international development community’s role in assisting countries emerging from prolonged periods of international conflict make the transition from war to peace. She also conducted studies on subjects such as conflict management in South Africa, the coordination of humanitarian assistance in Angola, and donor policies to support the transformation of the security sector.

"From 1987 through 1990, Nicole Ball was Director of Analysis at the National Security Archive in Washington, DC. She has also held research positions at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and the University of Sussex (UK). Ball has acted as a consultant on subjects such as the reintegration of demobilized soldiers, military expenditure reduction, security sector governance and transformation, arms control, and defense-industry conversion for the International Labour Office, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the World Bank, the International Development Center of Japan, the Global Coalition for Africa, the Japan International Cooperation, the United Nations, USAID, the UK Department for International Development, and the OECD Development Assistance Committee.

"Nicole Ball received her BA degree in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970 and her MA in international relations from the University of Sussex in 1971.“ [1]

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