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Norris McWhirter (died in 2004). "It was his father who made him conscious of politics and the media. McWhirter senior was managing editor of Associated Newspapers. He brought home 150 newspapers a week, on which his sons feasted... The murder of Ross McWhirter by the provisional IRA in November 1975, after he had offered a £50,000 reward for information on terrorists, caused Norris great grief, but at the same time prompted him to say that the murder had made him feel "not half a man but two". He took on something of Ross's militancy and, coincidentally, days after the murder, helped launch the National Association For Freedom, later to be known simply as the Freedom Association...

"McWhirter also helped set up the Ross McWhirter Foundation. This honoured individuals who had fought tyranny - usually communist tyranny. After such activities, his modest CBE presented in 1980 in the second year of the Thatcher government may have seemed a paltry reward."[1]    


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