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North America-Mongolia Business Council (formerly known as the US Mongolia Business Council)

In a 2000 report, *Steve Saunders - who was then President of the Council - noted: "The U.S.-Mongolia Business Council was founded in 1991. By 1993, we had more than 75. There were great enthusiasm and high expectations of rapid change. Ikh Hural Chairman L. Enebish, who was then Deputy Prime Minister, gave a brilliant speech at the 1993 annual meeting, inviting and encouraging foreign investors to come to the New Mongolia. But the expectations, I think, of those North American investors were too high, their expectations of the amount of time it would take for the transition to occur were too optimistic. From a high of 75, membership plunged to 25 by early 1993." [1]


Accessed September 2008: [2]

NAMBC Officers

(Note: all officers are also members of the board of directors)

NAMBC Board of Directors

NAMBC – Headquarters Office

NAMBC – Ulaanbaatar Office



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