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Not in Our Name Project is "a national network of individuals and organizations committed to standing with the people of the world. As the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance states, 'we believe that as people living in the United States it is our responsibility to resist the injustices done by our government, in our names.' Our mission is to build, strengthen and expand resistance to stop the U.S. government's entire course of war and repression being waged in the name of 'fighting terrorism.'" --Not in Our Name Project, August 1, 2003.


"In March 2002, individuals from different organizations, backgrounds, communities and political perspectives met together at St. Mary's Church in Harlem, NYC, to discuss what was needed to build resistance to the U.S. government's 'war on terrorism' launched in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. The group recognized that the government was embarking on a new openly imperial policy towards the world and a dangerous escalation in the curtailment of rights domestically. The Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance and Statement of Conscience-Not in Our Name are the two living documents that were developed from the March 2002 meeting and express the essence of the Not in Our Name Project. Participation is open to individuals and organizations that adopt the Pledge and participate in Not in Our Name-initiated and supported events and campaigns." Not in Our Name Project, August 1, 2003.

Components of Injustice

  • The War on the World - The U.S. government has engaged in military actions and wars and brazenly states its determination to '"change regimes" where it sees fit, promising wars that will last a generation and supplying arms and aid used to terrorize people around the world.
  • Detentions, Deportations and Roundups of Immigrants - The U.S. government has effectively stripped immigrants, especially Arabs, Muslims and South Asians, of rights, in laws and acts reminiscent of the very tyranny from which our government is supposedly liberating people.
  • Police State Restrictions - The U.S. government has instituted stark new repressive measures, such as the U.S. PATRIOT and Homeland Security Acts, designed to create fear, intimidate opposition and silence dissent.

Contact details

Not in Our Name Project Contacts
Telephone: 800-95-NOWAR (800-956-6927)
Email: info AT

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