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ORC Worldwide "roots were planted more than 75 years ago, when John D. Rockefeller, Jr., established a staff of industrial relations specialists to help advise him on the management of his various companies. This staff was soon organized into Industrial Relations Counselors (IRC), a nonprofit, applied-research organization, dedicated to serving clients by advancing the art, knowledge, and practice of organizational and human relationships at work. In 1953, ORC was spun out of IRC as a for-profit consulting firm. Since then, ORC has served to assist clients, primarily Fortune 500 firms, with specialized knowledge and advice about human resources management." [1]


Accessed April 2010: [2]

Directors Emeritus of ORC Worldwide

  • Richard A. Beaumont - Chairman Emeritus - Retired Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, ORC Worldwide
  • Robert H. B. Baldwin - Director Emeritus - Retired Chairman, Morgan Stanley & Co., Incorporated
  • Steven Muller - Director Emeritus - President Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University
  • John E. Swearingen - Director Emeritus - Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Standard Oil Company Indiana
  • Isao Uchida - Director Emeritus - Chairman of the Board, Yokogawa Electric Corporation


URL: http://www.orcworldwide.com

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