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Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is an Ontario-based electricity generation company whose principal business is the generation and sale of electricity in Ontario. OPG's generating portfolio has a total capacity of over 22,000 megawatts (MW) making it one of the largest power generators in North America. [1]

Coal Plant closures

In December 2010, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) said it was shutting down two coal-burning electrical generating units at its Nanticoke plant near Lake Erie in 2012 rather than 2014, at a cost of $32 million. The units were mainly being used to guarantee coal generating capacity is available in an emergency, even though the power has been rarely needed. The bulk of the Nanticoke shutdown cost -- $19 million -- is in severance for workers no longer needed once the units close. The remaining four units at Nanticoke and five other coal-burning units around the province will be closed by 2014, the government says.[2]


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