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"Ophir Energy plc (Ophir) is the UK incorporated holding company of a group of companies (the Group) with oil and gas exploration assets in a number of African locations. The Group's headquarters are located in London (England), with operational offices in Perth (Australia), Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) and Dar es Salaam/Mtwara (Tanzania).

"Since its foundation in 2004, the Company has acquired an extensive portfolio of exploration interests consisting of 17 projects in nine jurisdictions in Africa. The majority of these interests lie offshore in water depths greater than 250m and are thus classified as "deepwater". According to IHS Inc. (IHS), one of the leading providers of oil and gas licensing data and intelligence, the Company was, as at January 2010, one of the top five holders of deepwater exploration acreage in Africa in terms of net area and Management believes that it has established a strong competitive position in a region that is becoming increasingly significant to global oil and gas markets. According to the IHS Probe database (January 2010) Ophir had just under 60,000km2 of net deepwater acreage in Africa." [1]


Accessed September 2012: [2]


Web: http://www.ophir-energy.com

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