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"Ms Otília Aquino is the Executive Director of AMODE (Mozambique Association for the Development of Democracy, Associação Moçambicana para o Desenvolvimento). From 1994 till 2000 her activities in the democracy and governance sector were focused around electoral processes, the conception and preparation of electoral civic education programmes and the promotion of Human Rights. Her work has included training of civic educators and observatory teams and working with Parliament (1999-2000) in various forms: participating in teams of international organizations carrying out capacity building; facilitating deputies in their work as elected representatives; organizing activities at the level of electoral circuits and preparing the way for the integration and participation of deputies in these circuits. From 2000 Ms Aquino has been the Executive Director of AMODE, promoting women's inclusion, and right to participate, in governance as well as working towards equal rights for all. Since 2004 she has participated with other implementing organizations in the arena of Local Governance and since 2005 her work has included Governance Monitoring. Ms Aquino has coordinated and collaborated with various civil society organizations in order to promote citizen participation and distribute information via the media to all citizens in order to build a stronger social justice system."[1]


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