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The Palestinian Center for Helping Resolve Community Disputes (now known as the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution) "strives to strengthen civil society, empower Palestinians, and create a democratic, participatory, and non-violent community. The Center uses conflict resolution and peace building activities as tools for constructive social change, while working to provide practical strategies for developing cooperation, participation, and mutual respect. The Center helps people learn to balance their own needs with those of others, to live together, and to work on common goals. Its projects involve educational television programs for youth on human rights, conflict resolution training workshops for university students and professors, and capacity building workshops for local NGOs." [1]

Conference on: Better Involvement of the Palestinian Women in Political Participation

"An-Najah hosted a conference on the activation of the Palestinian Women in the political participation on Monday the 27th of April 2004.The conference was organized by the Palestinian Center for Helping Resolve Community Disputes, PCHRCD, the conference aimed at discussing the possibilities and horizons of bettering the Palestinian woman participation in the political life in Palestine.
"Mr.Bilal Salameh, Director of the Community Service Center (CSC), made a speech in which he explained the importance of the Palestinian Woman's participation in the political process in Palestine, especially in such hard times.
"Prof.Rami Hamdallah, The University President talked about the difficulties encounter the Palestinian woman in her struggle for her rights, he also urged her to empower and strengthen her demand for her political and social rights, he also called woman to conduct more researches about the future projects to develop woman's conditions.
"Papers were presented on statistics, concepts, means and obstacles of woman's struggle for freedom and social justice.
"Mr. Ahmad Abu Ayesh, Director of PCHRCD thanked the University for hosting the conference which recommended the organizing of other conferences, empowering woman's involvement in the political associations and in decision making." [2]


Received aid from the NED in 1999, 2000, and 2001. [3]

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