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Pamela DeLargy, "Chief of the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) Humanitarian Response Unit (HRU), is responsible for provision of UNFPA's reproductive health support in conflict, natural disaster, and refugee situations. HRU works closely with the Department of Peacekeeping Operations to include gender awareness, sexual violence prevention and HIV prevention in peacekeeping missions.

"Ms. DeLargy has worked on refugee, forced migration, and women's health for twenty years, primarily in Africa and the Middle East. She was an advisor on family planning and population policy in the Sudan for a number of years and prior to deployment to UNFPA was the agency’s Representative to Eritrea, where she was active in establishing the first multisectoral HIV prevention programme in that newly independent country.

"Ms. DeLargy did her doctoral studies in Political Science at the University of North Carolina, where she also received a Masters in Public Health. She has published articles on human rights, poverty and famine, refugees, and population policy and reproductive health in emergency and conflict situations." [1]

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