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Pamela Morgan, Vice President, Framing and Cognitive Analysis of American Environics.

"She has taught linguistics, cognitive science, American Studies, Celtic Studies, language, and history courses at the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and elsewhere. Pamela’s recent work has included analyses of the frames for public education, obesity, freedom, taxes, and oceans.

"Before coming to American Environics Pamela was the Director of the Strategic Framing Project at the Rockridge Institute. She has worked with the FrameWorks Institute, the Berkeley Media Studies Group, the Indian Health Service, and organizations funded by the Aspen Institute, among others.

"Her recent monographs include "The Semantics of an Impeachment: Meanings and Models in a Political Conflict," in the anthology Language and Ideology (Stockholm, 1999), and “Competition, Cooperation, and Interconnection: ‘Metaphor Families’ and Social Systems” in a forthcoming anthology (Berlin and New York, in press). She is currently writing “Making Sense of the World: Conceptual Models in Thought and Practice,” “Cross-Cultural Framing in Communication,” and Cognitive Explorations in Discourse Analysis.“ [1]

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