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Patricio Robles Gil

"A professional nature photographer and devoted conservationist, Patricio Robles Gil founded Agrupación Sierra Madre and Unidos para la Conservación in 1989 and 1992, respectively. He is currently president of both organizations and has, throughout his career, served as a liaison between various sectors of society in order to broadcast and carry out conservation projects on behalf of the natural wealth of Mexico and the world. Robles Gil has worked jointly with renowned organizations and institutions like Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, and US Fish and Wildlife Service, among others.

"As a nature photographer, he has traveled throughout four continents to photograph wilderness and biodiversity. Patricio’s photographs have appeared in many well-known magazines such as Terre Sauvage, Natural History, International Wildlife, and National Geographic, among others. He has also participated as an editor and graphic designer for twenty five books that have helped define the global agenda for conservation. He has co-authored several books with The WILD Foundation, including Transboundary Conservation, The Last of the Wild, and Human Footprint: Challenges for Wilderness and Biodiversity.

"Patricio has earned numerous honors for his work as a photographer and conservationist such as: the Recognition Award and the Outstanding Nature Photographer Award, both presented by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), and an honorary mention for the Premio Nacional al Mérito Ecológico by Mexico’s former President, Vicente Fox. He is also a founding member of International League of Conservation Photographers, an initiative of The WILD Foundation. Among many other things, he is also WILD’s leading partner in the planning and implementation of WILD 9 – the 9th World Wilderness Congress, scheduled for 2009 in Mexico." [1]

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