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Biographical Information

"Patrick U. Petit is an international mediator and representative to the United Nations of the Goi Peace Foundation. He has initiated and set up more than thirty peace building and peacemaking events in collaboration with regional and global Intergovernmental and Civil Society Organiations, as well as Parliaments and Parliamentary Assemblies. He is the editor of Earthrise: The Dawning of a New Civiliation in the 21st Century, as Shaping the Culture of Peace in a Multilateral World, and Creating a New Civiliation through Social Entrepreneurship." [1]

"He edited for the Goi Peace Foundation the publication Wisdom 21: Shaping the Culture of Peace in a Multilateral World : A Compilation of Articles by Intergovernmental Organizations (2005), in commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the United Nations. Born in 1969 in France, Mr. Petit currently lives in Munich, Germany, and is working on a PhD thesis on the reform of the UN Security Council." [2]

He is also the author of Earth Capitalism: Creating a New Civilization Through a Responsible Market Economy (Transaction Publishers, 2010) - foreword written by Bill Gates (read foreword). Kosmos review Contributors include: Hazel Henderson, Hiroshi Tasaka, Paola Babos, Monica Sharma, Nancy Roof, Lester R. Brown, Mathis Wackernagel, Franz J. Radermacher, Franz-Theo Gottwald, Jacqui Dunne, Mal Warwick, Ricarda McFalls, Guenter Faltin, Daniele Ganser, Steve Metcalfe, Hanns Michael Hoelz, Heike Leitschuh-Fecht, Yasuyuki Nambu

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