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Paul Cameron, the chairman of the Family Research Institute, is a discredited Psychologist who has been kicked out of the American Psychological Association and condemed by the Nebraska Psychological Association and the American Socialogical Association. He has campaigned against the civil rights of homosexuals based on misrepresentations of science.

In the past, he has advocated facial tattoes for AIDS victims and the castration, deportation to a former leper colony, and even extermination of homosexuals.

Some examples of bogus research currently in news (Feb 2005)

drastically shorter lifespan]. This was used as justification in a Virginia bill seeking to outlaw gay adoption. The bogus study is based on obituaries in a gay publication.

29% of child molestation is done by homosexuals]. The sample size used in the study was so low that statistically it had a 33% margin of error and the study had half a dozen methological problems any one of which would have been sufficient to invalidate the study.


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