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Biographical Information

"I started my corporate career with British Gas as an apprentice engineer and ended with National Grid as a senior project manager responsible for large scale IT relocation and infrastructure initiatives. I started studying NLP to help in my role as a project manager. The process of study led me to appreciate how completely different we humans are in our interpretation of the world and each other and, at the same time, how incredibly similar we all are in our needs and desires. Realising that even the more senior levels of the corporate arena would never fulfil my needs for growth and learning I volunteered for a local charity that supported substance abusing and homeless individuals. Through mentoring and coaching in this context, I found something I felt deeply aligned to: Facilitating personal development as well as continuing my own.

"When I was thirty-four, I travelled for a couple of years and informally studied indigenous cultures. Fascinated by Southern African, Native American, Australian Aboriginal and New Zealand Maori cultures I saw a common theme of interdependence between peoples and their environments, which is a major theme of my work. I also indulged my passions for hiking into the wide-open wilderness and for landscape photography. Upon returning to the UK several people asked me to coach them and I found myself developing a coaching and consultancy practice. As my skills and insight have developed, so has my ability and desire to do therapeutic work as part of what I do. Having worked informally like this for several years, I have made this my focus; although sometimes it feels as though 'it' has decided for me! I am currently based in Bristol but my skills and experience have developed across four continents. My clients come mostly via word of mouth recommendations." [1]

"My teachers include" [2]

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