Paul Nehru Tennassee

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Paul Nehru Tennassee is the Coordinator of International Co-Curricular Programs and Adjunct Professor at the University of the District of Columbia. His expertise is international institutions, trade unions and CSOs in the Americas and around the world, and education and development. He is a frequent contributor to National Alliance, Guyana Journal and Producer/Host of a television program entitled CARIBNATION. Prior, he was the Director of the Washington Liaison Office and Permanent Representative to the United Nations for the World Confederation of Labor; Director of International Affairs for the National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees; Executive Member of the Confederation of Latin American Workers (CLAT); General Secretary of the Caribbean Workers Council; Deputy Director of the Caribbean Institute of Social Formation; and a Presidential Candidate in Guyana’s 1985 & 1992 elections. He holds a Diploma in Social Studies from Oxford University; BA (Caribbean-Latin America History)York University, Canada; MSc History (Venezuela & Latin America History) Universidad Central de Venezuela; MA (Government) Johns Hopkins, USA; and ABD in International Relations & Comparative Studies) York University Canada.