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"Paul N. Temple, Chairman Emeritus, is a co-founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He has been a member of the institute board of directors since 1973 and served as its chairman from 1982 to March 1999. He is a businessman, investor, and a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. He and his wife Diane Temple are founders of the Temple Awards for Creative Altruism, administered by the IONS." [1] wiki From 1954 to 1961 he was an international petroleum concessions negotiator for Exxon. wiki

"In 1961 he moved his family to Madrid, Spain, serving as President of ESSO affiliates and Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce. He also worked in Barcelona from 1965 to 1969, after which he returned to the United States where he joined geologist Lewis Weeks as President of Weeks Petroleum in Connecticut. In the early 70's he returned to Washington DC and opened offices in Rosslyn, VA to manage his own investments and entrepreneurial endeavors in oil and gas exploration, gold mining, environmental remediation, agriculture and various other fields...Senator Claiborne Pell once introduced him to a group of Senators on Capitol Hill as "the most truly good man I know." He was very active in The International Foundation which supports the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC as well as in other countries around the world. In both NYC and Washington DC he served on Boards of Directors of organizations that promote interfaith understanding and religious tolerance. He was a cofounder, and for seventeen years, Chairman of the Board of The Institute of Noetic Sciences which sponsors and conducts groundbreaking research on extraordinary human capacities and the central role of Consciousness in our lives. In 1989 he cofounded with his wife the "Temple Awards for Creative Altruism." These awards are given to unsung heroes who exemplify unselfish service motivated by love. Paul Temple came from humble beginnings; he was motivated to work hard and excel. He was a true self-made man, following the "American Dream." He was also deeply generous by nature. To establish a legacy of gratitude and philanthropy for his family he created and endowed a non-profit family foundation. " [1]


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