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Paweł Rogaliński is a prized Polish journalist, publisher, blogger and a spokesman of Democratic Association in Poland. He writes socio-political articles for all-Polish magazines (e.g. "Central European Review", "Rynki zagraniczne", "Stosunki Międzynarodowe", "Le Monde diplomatique") and Polish minority newspapers (e.g. "Polish Zone" in the United Kingdom, "Panorama Polska" in Canada, "Magazyn Polonia" in the United States, "Tygodnik Polski" in Australia, "Gazeta Petersburska" in Russia, "Polski Express" in Ireland). From 2009 till the end of 2010 he was a representative of Polish and British press in the European Commission during equality summits and meetings concerning poverty and social exclusion. He published several books, e.g. “Jak politycy nami manipuluja” (“How politicians manipulate us”).


Pawel Rogalinski completed his education at the University of Lodz at three different faculties: English studies, International Relations: Political Science and Management. Since 2012 he has been doing a PhD research in PPE at the Jagiellonian University in London.


He has been awarded in several contests all over Europe - e.g. EU Journalist Award 2008: Special Award on the Roma (European Commission, London), The Citizen Journalist of 2009 (“Polityka” Magazine, Warsaw), "How to spend the EU budget?", 1st prize (EPP in the European Parliament, Brussels) and many more. He was also one of the five finalists of the contest Young European of the Year 2011 (Heinz-Schwarzkopf Foundation, Berlin).

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