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Peace Partnership International (PPI) ceased operations as of December 31, 2008, and has dissolved as a corporation.

It described its mission as "forging partnerships with and among government, civil society, and business, to catalyze the transformation from a culture of violence to a culture of peace throughout the world." PPI's website stated:[W]e must seek ways to consciously connect and build a culture of peace with nonviolence and cooperation as organizing principles. Indeed, all our systems of foreign policy, education, politics, business, health, and social welfare can and must be united in seeking, teaching, and living peace.

Already, peacebuilding and conflict transformation technologies are being developed and put into practice around the world in a wide range of conflict situations within and between countries. The time has come to educate ourselves and help create the necessary infrastructure for peace in our culture.


Partnerships dealing with applied peacebuilding:

  • National Peace Academy
  • Youth leadership for a culture of peace

Partnerships promoting a "culture of peace":

  • Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace
    • The US Peace Alliance as they advocate for legislation that supports a culture of peace
    • Countries with initiatives for structures in their respective governments that support a culture of peace
  • Advocacy at the United Nations


PPI was founded in 2000 as the Global Renaissance Alliance. In January 2005, the organization officially changed its name to The Peace Alliance Foundation. In November 2007, "to better reflect our expanded scope to catalyze and participate in applied peacebuilding globally and to forge partnerships for peace with government, civil society, and business," the organization changed its name to Peace Partnership International.



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